The Intrepid Museum definitely ensures a different kind of museum experience that attracts, since it opened its doors in 1982, more than just tech savvy visitors! With your Intrepid Museum tickets you get to see all original military planes and maritime ships from the U.S. and other countries as well as the famous Space Shuttle Enterprise. All of them were utilized in historical missions and distinguished themselves from other vehicles by their innovative and groundbreaking technology. If you are planning on visiting the Intrepid with your kids, then you should take them to the Exploreum Hall, an interactive area, where they can become a pilot and take over the cockpit of the an actual Bell 47 helicopter or navigate a submarine through the sea. Learning about science and history was never more entertaining!

Top 3 Attractions at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

The museum exhibits a variety of the world’s most powerful vehicles in history. Our team here at VOLATOUR wants to share with you their personal Top 3 attractions you shouldn’t miss out while visiting the Intrepid in New York.

#3 British Airways Concorde

Recognizing a Concorde is not really difficult because of its concise sharp aircraft nose. Some of you might even took a flight with it, because from 1969 until 2003 the Concorde operated as a supersonic passenger jet with an approximate flight time of only 3 to 3.5 hours from London or Paris to New York City. In comparison: A Boeing 787 takes about 8 hours for the same route. Equipped with such a powerful engine, a flight on the Concorde was relatively expensive. Therefore mostly wealthy passengers were able to afford a ticket. After several incidents and a steady unprofitable operation due to e.g. rising fuel costs, the Concorde had its final flight on November 26, 2003.

#2 Space Shuttle Enterprise

The Enterprise is one of the gems of the Intrepids Space Museum part in NYC and set the cornerstone for all future orbiters and spaceflights. Although it was never designed for an actual spaceflight, since necessary components such as the engines and heat shields were missing, it helped NASA to test and understand the flight ability of space shuttles under several circumstances. In April 2012 the Enterprise became a part of the Intrepid Museum, which dedicated a special Space Shuttle Pavilion to it.

#1 USS Intrepid

The most legendary aircraft carrier USS Intrepid is not only home of the whole museum at Pier 86 on New York City’s west harbor. Due to its fundamental role during the Vietnam War and other operations, it was also designated as a National Historic Landmark of the United States in 1986. Feel the strength of this monstrous ship that once carried up to 2.600 officers and up to 100 aircrafts - Discover all three decks, from the flight deck to the third deck, also called mess deck, and learn how the crew members used to live on board!

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Daily from 10 AM to 5 PM (Last entry at 4 PM)

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