Avoid New York's crowded public transportation and enjoy a relaxing transfer from JFK, LGA or Newark to your hotel in Manhattan and/or back to your airport with our private Airport Car Service in NYC. We make traveling to and from Manhattan not only easy, but also comfortable! Choose your favorite car in advance and enjoy a reliable and convenient ride to your destination.

Capacity per car

Sedan - max. 3 passengers | Mercedes - max. 3 passengers | SUV - max. 5 passengers | Stretch Limo - max. 5 passengers | Super Stretch Limo - max. 8 passengers | Minivan - max. 9 passengers | Minivan Mercedes Sprinter - max. 10 passengers | Hummer - max. 15 passengers and max. 6 pieces of luggage

How our private car service in NYC works

Step 1: Choose your preferred car based upon your personal preferences or the number of people traveling with you. We offer a wide variety of private cars: Starting with a Sedan for a maximum of 3 people to our Limo Service in NYC for up to 8 passengers and a Hummer for a maximum of 15 people (please check the 'Capacity per car' chapter above for a full list of available cars).

Step 2: Select your preferred transfer option. Either from JFK, LGA or Newark to your hotel in Manhattan or vice versa and let us know how many passengers are going to travel with you.

That’s it! All you have to do now is to look out for our driver waiting in the arrival hall of your airport with a VOLATOUR sign, if you have booked a transfer into the city center, or to just step outside your hotel and get into the car, which is already waiting for you at the street level of your hotel. Everything else will be handled by our friendly driver. Easy as pie!

Benefits of booking our car service

There are several benefits why you should choose our private car service. Not only is it convenient and far more relaxing after a long flight to just sit back in a comfortable car. This service especially pays off when landing and planning a trip from e.g. Newark Airport to Manhattan for the first time as the public transportation system in New York can be quite confusing.

Your trip back to the airport will also be easier with our car service in NYC. You can not only avoid the public transportation and its frequent delays, which can lead to missed flights. You also don't have to worry about how to carry your suitcases around, which are even heavier with all the souvenirs you are going to bring home to your friends and family.

Questions about our Airport Car Service in NYC?

If you have any questions regarding our car service in NYC or in general, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 212-557-1654, drop us an email or try our FAQ. Our friendly and knowledgeable multilingual customer care team is happy to help.

Details of our Car Service to Manhattan

Departure point/Punto di partenza/Treffpunkt: Arrival hall of your specific airport

Final destination/Destinazione Finale/Ziel: Hotel in Manhattan

Availability/Disponibilità/Verfügbarkeit: Daily

Details of our Car Service to JFK, LGA or EWR

Departure point/Punto di partenza/Treffpunkt: Street level of your Hotel in Manhattan

Final destination/Destinazione Finale/Ziel: Entrance of airport (JFK, LGA, EWR)

Availability/Disponibilità/Verfügbarkeit: Daily

Terms and Conditions

Inbound Transfers:

Important Info/Informazioni importanti/Wichtige Info: 1. Driver will wait at the arrival hall of the specific airport holding a sign with your name. 2. Driver will depart: 90 minutes after landing time for all international flights, 30 minutes after landing for all domestic flights. 3. Passengers must contact VOLATOUR (+1 212-557-1654) if they are unable to leave the airport on time (e.g. stuck in customs, baggage claim, etc.) 4. Transfer from rental car facilities in airports must be private.

Outbound Transfers:

Important Info/Informazioni importanti/Wichtige Info: 1. Driver will wait at the street level of the hotel entrance. 2. Passengers must contact VOLATOUR (+1 212-557-1654) one or two days prior departure in order to confirm the pick up time. In case this will not happen, VOLATOUR will leave a message in their room, which is usually displayed by a blinking light on the phone.

Inbound and Outbound Transfers:

Important Info/Informazioni importanti/Wichtige Info: 1. All transfers are only between these New York City airports: JFK, EWR, LGA. 2. Transfers to/from hotels located in other areas, such as Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, etc. must be quoted ad hoc. 3. The following information is required at time of booking: Complete flight information (flight number, expected time of arrival and airport/flight departure and airport). 4. In case passengers have difficulties finding their drivers, they must contact VOLATOUR (Toll-free number from all airports - you can not call the following number from your mobile phone: 1 877 VOLATOUR = 1 877 865 2868 or regular number - you can call the following number from ANY phone: +1 212-557-1654) before leaving the airport/hotel, otherwise no refund will be given. After hours and during holidays our emergency staff will answer in case of emergency. 5. Additional charge on all New York airport transfers operated before 9:00 a.m. on December 25, 2020 and January 1, 2021, and after 7:00 p.m. on December 31, 2020.

Children Policy/Regolamento bambini/Kinder: Car seats for infants and toddlers are mandatory in New York for children up to 7 year old and available only on Private Transfer for $30 additional charge and must be booked in advance. Forward facing child seat for children up to 18kg/40lb (4 year old) and Booster seat for children up to 25 kg/55lb (7 year old) are available.

Voucher Regulation(s)/Regolazione(i) voucher/Gutscheinregelung(en): 1. Voucher must be addressed to VOLATOUR Inc., 33 West 46th Street - New York, NY 10036. 2. Voucher must state that that passengers have to contact VOLATOUR (incl. VOLATOUR phone number), if they do not get in touch with their drivers.

You only need to call our office (+1 212-557-1654) the day before your arrival/departure, if you haven’t received a pick-up time from one of our agents at VOLATOUR.

Your driver will wait for you in the arrival zone of your terminal. If you booked a shuttle, please look out for a driver with a VOLATOUR sign. In case you booked a private transfer, please look out for a driver holding a sign with your name.

After customs, please remain in the arrival zone of your terminal without leaving the terminal. If you can’t find our driver, please call our 24/7 hotline at +1 212-557-1654 or use our toll free number (toll free number from all airports - you can not call the following number from your mobile phone) 1 877 VOLATOUR (1 877 865 2868) and we will help you locating your driver.